Hook fastener with bracket

Grating fasteners

Functional securing and fastening materials for secure anchoring and permanent adjustment of gratings

Double clip with holding round plate (for the connection of gratings to each other)

Standard fastening for 33x11mm mesh pitch (with rounded head screw)

Standard fastening with round plate (e.g. for P 33x33 mm or SP 34x38mm mesh pitch)

Standard fastening with holding round plate (here for 34x38mm mesh pitch SP-grating)

Fastening shaped springs and connector shaped springs with safety angle, galvanized steel for P and SP gratings

1) Shaped fastening spring and connecting shaped spring with safety bracket, galvanized steel

for P and SP-gratings.


2) The shaped fastening spring fastener for SP, for example, pitch SP 34x38mm and up to 30mm bearing bar height, comprising: Shaped fastening spring with an extended safety bracket made of galvanized steel.


3) The connecting shaped spring for SP + P gratings with P 33/34mm pitch and 30mm bearing bar height for the connection of two fields and prevention of trip edges comprising: Connecting shaped spring made of galvanized steel.


All grating fasteners are subject to maintenance and must be checked for effectiveness. The inspection intervals are dependent upon the operating conditions. The operator must manually re-tighten the fastening unit if required. Therefore, the grating fasteners are not subject to the statutory guarantee.