Gitterstar Gitterroste als Einbruchschutz, Sicherheitsgitterroste

Gratings: special shapes

If you wish to purchase unusually shaped stainless steel or galvanised steel gratings for your project, we are your experienced contact.

Realisation of individual customer requests, e.g. custom-made gratings and steps in various materials – in galvanised steel or in stainless steel – is one of our strengths. We plan and construct special details such as anti-slip features, kick-plates, stilt plates, round and straight contours or the smallest cut-outs and much more with the highest level of know-how, reliability, modern CAD systems and innovative production techniques.

We have previously produced pressure-locked and welded pressure-locked gratings to individual specifications, for many major projects. Our state-of-the-art machinery and computer-aided design (CAD) allow us to implement special products quickly and accurately at any time.

Grating security

for basements, roofs and windows

Security gratings from GitterStar GmbH & Co. KG provide effective protection from intrusions and uninvited visitors of any type.

Simple installation of the gratings through welded metal plates including the holes.


Impeded disassembly through special bolting:

The bolt head breaks off when the bolt is tightened.


The size of the grating mesh allows sufficient light incidence and additional reach-through protection.


Individual solutions with GitterStar gratings are also possible.

Various versions of gratings:

  • Steel - galvanized, stainless steel, V2A, V4A, pickled
  • Color coating as per RAL possible
  • Bolting made of V2A stainless steel
  • Mesh gage 33x33 mm for example
  • Other gages possible on request

Finned gratings, sun and privacy protection gratings

Sun/privacy protection on request


In addition to light shaft security, our sun/privacy protection gratings including grating accessories are also often used to secure windows.

Our gratings are particularly suitable for this but at the same time afford reliable protection and intense light incidence. The size of the grating meshes represents the perfect compromise for this: it is impossible to reach through but adequate daylight gets into the room. On request, we can also combine our grating security with special sun/privacy protection. This effectively staves off both undesired heating of the room and prying eyes from outside. Contact us now: we are happy to provide you with detailed advice if you want to know more about this subject or about our grating production generally.

Solar protection gratings are a maintenance-free solar protection system allowing daylight usage, heat reflection and use of the passive energy admittance. The finned gratings or full cell gratings attached to the outside of a building as solar protection effectively avoid the heating of a room as a result of direct solar radiation. Depending upon the design and the choice of the bar heights and the width of the bar spacing, an individual light penetration as well as privacy protection can be achieved.


GitterStar SL finned gratings fulfil the highest aesthetic demands. Using them, many design possibilities result for architects, planners and builders which provide limitless creativity.


With these finned gratings, the bearing bars are set diagonally at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees, thus creating an optically closed grating. Direct radiation can thus be blended out. In this way, additional protection of the facade and the whole of the covered building is also provided against driving rain.

Perforated metal planks

In areas in which there is an increased risk of slipping or even of accidents due to the use of liquid substances or contamination, the serrated gratings by GitterStar provide higher levels of safety.

The GitterStar perforated metal planks are aligned in the smallest details to the highest safety requirements.

They distinguish themselves though a high load capacity, outstanding anti-slip protection and a relatively low dead weight, and can be supplied in various metal plate thicknesses, materials and surfaces. The metal thickness and the production width conform to the desired load and the material used. In case recesses are necessary in the grating, the perforated metal plank can be supplied with framing systems welded on at these interfaces (kickplates).