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Schweißpressroste aus dem GitterStar-Lagerprogramm

Welded gratings

Welded gratings – realization of individual customer requirements

Special gratings in customized shapes can be ordered at any time.  A particular forte for us is the realisation of individual customer requirements, producing stainless steel and galvanised steel gratings to measure.

GitterStar is certified in quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as TÜV EN 1090-1.


Please contact us if you wish to wish to have high-quality gratings custom-made by a competent and highly experienced grating producer. We personally look after the planning and execution of small and large projects as well as applications in construction, trade and architecture.





We supply our gratings manufactured in the welded press process and our welded pressed stair treads in a great number of standard versions:

For the gratings you can choose between bearing bar thicknesses of two, three, four and five millimeters and for the bearing bar heights for example, 25, 30 and 40 millimeter heights are available. As the standard material we use construction steel (S 235 JR).

Other quality classes are also possible on request.

The grating stair treads produced in the welding press process can be purchased with bearing bar thicknesses of two or three millimeters.

You can obtain our heavy-duty gratings with bearing bar thicknesses in two different thicknesses (four or five millimeters).

Stock range and standard range

Welded pressure-locked gratings from the GitterStar stock range

Not only do we produce custom-made welded pressure-locked gratings; from our stock range, you can also buy readymade gratings, pressure-locked grating steps and welded pressure-locked gratings in various standard sizes. The advantage of our stock logistics is the extremely quick delivery: orders before 12.00 are delivered within one working day if the delivery address is within Germany (internationally, the delivery is made within two to three workings days).


Heavy-duty gratings for special loads

If you buy your grating from us, a wide range of standard designs is available to you.

Our WPL gratings already display greater load bearing capacity than conventional pressure-locked gratings, but if the gratings are to be driven over with a lorry or a forklift then we strongly recommend using GitterStar heavy-duty gratings (with respect to this, please observe the tables of load bearing capacities in our “Technical Information” section). Should you have further questions on the subject of “welded pressure-locked gratings” or be interested in the option of having special gratings produced by us in unusual sizes, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to provide detailed advice.