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Welded gratings standard, type SP

Welded gratings by GitterStar, Type SP, are manufactured from strip steel, and have a particularly high loading capacity. They are particularly suitable for construction applications of all kinds for stages, platforms, gangways, escape routes etc., but also for stairs and spiral staircases.

The cross bars consist of drawn and twisted or round wire which is pressed into the bearing rods and welded at all intersection points in order to achieve a particularly high loading capacity for the grating.

S 2.30/34x38/6, galvanized steel, serrated bearing bars

Heavy-duty gratings, type SP

GitterStar welded gratings are suitable for supporting large loads. SP-welded gratings can mainly be found in areas which can be driven over and other extreme areas of use requiring increased loading capacity.

High shearing forces can be adsorbed thanks to the homogeneous welding of all intersection points. The design is individually aligned to the respective static and dynamic loads. The relatively low dead weight of the SP welded gratings minimizes costs during transport and on-site assembly. We are happy to assist you should you have further questions on surface treatment, grating fasteners and individual designs.

S 5.60/34x38, galvanized steel